Synology DS413j transcoding limitation workaround

22 Apr 2014

At twitter Nikunj Patel asked me for a recommendation on a Synology NAS. Should he buy the DS412+ or DS413j?

As pointed out the DS413j can’t do live video transcoding because of its ARM processor, on the up side is far cheaper than DS412+.

So he asked me for my workaround to that limitation.

My setup

My workaround

  1. Download Station downloads what I want to watch in my library to a folder in my NAS
  2. My notebook watches that folder (using Hazel) and then download the subtitles for the series/movie (using subliminal) and move the file to a folder named with_subtitles
  3. iFlicks watches the with_subtitles folder and convert the video using the preset “Compatible with iTunes” and add it to the iTunes library (which is located on the NAS)
  4. Since I own mostly Apple devices that’s “all” I have to do. And because my notebook is always kept on I can watch it from my iTunes library via Home Sharing.


My notebook must be kept on for converting and watching. I know I can remove part of that limitation using another software (avconv/ffmpeg) instead of iFlicks, but I do not have the time to change it right now. And maybe I can manage to have the NAS to serve my files through Video Station (DLNA) and bypass the iTunes library limitation.

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