Editorial MultiMarkdown table cleanup

30 Aug 2013

When I first heard about Ole Zorn’s Editorial I was very excited to try it. But as I’m not a beta tester I had to wait until its launch. I bought it at the very minute that I saw it in the App Store. My first impression was “This app is awesome”, and I started to read what others where doing with that kind of power in their hands. Gabe Weatherhead from MacDrifter wrote a great article about it, and Federico Viticci from MacStories wrote a extensive review of the app that shows all its greatness.

I started to wonder what could I do to share with the great community of markdown/ios/python lovers. Well, port one of my most beloved OS X services. From Brett Terpstra’s Markdown Service Tools, md - Tables - Cleanup. Actually Brett told me at twitter that he grabbed that script from Fletcher Penney original MultiMarkdown.

But as it was written in perl1, I took only his regular expressions as a base for my script, the rest was up to me.

This is my first attempt to make a complex workflow2 in Editorial but I think it’s pretty good and functional for the time being. Any questions or bug reports please leave me your comments in either one of my social networks down below.

I’m sure someone could do a better job in creating this stuff, but I love scripting.

  1. And I don’t know anything in perl. 

  2. Complex in the sense of the programming behind it, because the workflow itself only has a couple of sequencial items. 

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