Send Due tasks to iOS from any computer with Python

18 Dec 2013

Today I was wondering how to send tasks from my work computer (I’m running Ubuntu) to Due (iOS). As the day passed by I remembered a python script I built some time ago that uses the service Pushover to send bits of text to my device. And as a matter of fact it supports URLs in its messages.

So I tought, I could build a script that uses that service to accomplish my needs.

After some minutes I ended up with this:

Of course the script can be better, such as every other script I write, but I agree with what Dr. Drang wrote in this post

…but that’s not why I don’t like it. I don’t like it because it follows a trend I see in lots of scripts: it uses object orientation for no particularly good reason.

To Summarize - Why use complex object orientation classes for such a simple task?

Hope someone finds it useful.

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